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Adopt rainforest in the Amazon

Sacha Paccha means Paccha´s forest in the quichua language and is an area of ​​26 hectares of primary rainforest in the Ecuadorian Amazon. On one side, the area limits to Zanja Arajuno and on the other side to the Fundación Ontonga. Both of these projects also work to preserve the rainforest, so together it is a large area of ​​forest that is protected.

You can help protect the rainforest by adopting a piece of Sacha Paccha. If many contribute, we can buy more forest in the future.

You get a nice certificate that you have adopted rainforest and you can get your own or your company's name published here on the page, to show your support for the protection of rainforests. You can also give away an adoption to someone, such as birthday present, Christmas present, wedding gift or memorial gift at funeral. Then you get a gift certificate.



100 m2 = 10 USD

1,000 m2 = 100 USD


Fill in here the text you want on the gift certificate.

Deposit money to Lena Högberg, account number 967 0023 6772, JAK Member Bank.

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